Norwegian VFX 2015

click here Digital Storytelling is very happy to announce the upcoming Norwegian VFX 2015 event on December 5th at Westerdals Oslo ACT, Campus Vulkan!

here Tickets are limited in availability and can be purchased at the Digital Storytelling Shopify store.

watch Since 2006 Digital Storytelling, together with its partners has delivered world class seminars, masterclasses and workshops on the creative use of technology in film, television and games.

enter While ten years ago little VFX work was done  in feature films and television in Norway, this year’s event celebrates the work of Norwegian VFX professionals on a wide range of projects. From the international blockbuster “Pixels” with work by Storm Studios, to the Norwegian Academy Award candidate film “The Wave” with VFX by Gimpville  as well as the celebrated TV series “The Heavy Water War” and “Occupied” with visual effects by Storyline Studios, and the viral online hit and one-man production “Dawn of the Planet of the Zombies and Giant Killer Plants on Some Serious Acid” by Alf Løvvold.

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go watch Espen Nordahl
has an impressive resumé with years of experience working for companies like Weta Digital and MPC on movies like World War Z, The Hobbit and Iron Man 3. Espen is Head of CG at Storm Studios, making sure the work produced there always comes out at the highest quality possible. Espen was the VFX Supervisor on Pixels.

source url Magnus Petterson
is the brain behind most of the effects produced at Storm Studios. He has worked on countless movies and commercials. After working out of Mexico for a few years, Magnus is now back at Storm Studios. Magnus was responsible for solving all the technical fx challenges on Pixels. Lars Erik Hansen
has produced and supervised VFX on 15 feature films and a great number of TVCs the past 13 years, including Max Manus, Kon-Tiki, Børning and The Wave. He takes great pride in being the first person in and the last person out on all the productions he is supervising. Lars Erik is always looking for smarter and more efficient solutions to production challenges, and is the lead architect behind Gimpville’s unique hardware infrastructure.

taking flagyl with other antibiotics Alf Martin Løvvold
is an experienced VFX artist and aspiring director from Norway. He is also a co-founder of Gimpville, an award winning VFX and animation studio in Oslo, Norway. He has worked on numerous commercials and features for the last 13 years, including Max Manus, Kon-Tiki, Børning and The Wave. Nowadays, he’s further developing his own spare-time project to materialize into a short or – Hollywood feature film. Ivar Rystad
is a seasoned and experienced VFX Supervisor hailing from the cold north. Working at Storyline Studios in Oslo, he has been guiding vfx-heavy productions through from on set supervising to finishing for many years. His latest work includes the tv series “The Heavy Water War” and “Occupied”, and also the feature film “Operation Arctic”.

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The event is arranged with the support of Westerdals Oslo School of Arts, Communication and Technology.

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