Cinematic VR workshop

click Dajo Brinkman and Chris McKeeman

go to site Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality are poised to be a paradigm shift in how we interact with digital content, other humans and our environments. With VR you can transport the user to places and environments that are difficult or expensive to reach, and create powerful emotional experiences where the user feels a strong sense of empathy with the people captured in 360 video for VR. VR specialists Chris McKeeman & Dajo Brinkman deliver a workshop that will teach you how to plan & create cinematic VR using stereo 360 video capture.  Participants will gain hands on experience filming with the Nokia OZO camera.

go here We explore some of the challenges creators face when immersing your audience within a story.
- Practical guide to production (involving all stakeholders)
- Develop a scenario to be captured in 360 and practical considerations for pre-production
- Filming exercise with the Nokia OZO camera – including live preview and playback via a HMD
- Considerations for post-production & distribution
- The workshop will conclude with an investigation into the emerging technologies of volumetric capture & light-field

buy tetracycline in Finland Key learning objectives
- Pre-production, planning and scripting
- Visual storytelling and the challenges and opportunities with narrative in VR
- Shooting stereo 360 and recording spatial audio
- Stitching theory
- Transitions, editing and compression
- Distribution platforms (YouTube/Cardboard and GearVR etc) enter Target audience
- Filmmakers – producers, DOPs and directors
- Photographers and journalists
- VFX professionals
- Creative professionals in marketing and advertisment

can you drink when you take antibiotics Date and location
Date: Monday November 21, 2016 from 09:00 – 17:00
Location: Norwegian Film Institute, Filmens hus, Dronningens gate 16, Oslo.

watch Required skills and equipment
The workshop requires a basic understanding of photographic principles. While there will be no need for working with special software on your own laptop we encourage attendees to bring their own laptop or tablet for notes. Workshop leaders
Chris McKeeman (50), established Frameless Adventures to help pioneer creative production in VR and immersive media. Drawing upon extensive experience as an Executive Producer for film, animation and VFX, Chris has since worked as a consultant and producer on some award winning VR & immersive projects for Rushes / Deluxe, Inition, Realise Studios and Tupac Martir, working with brands such as Cancer Research UK, Samsung, Adidas & Gucci. Chris has also delivered keynote presentations on immersive media and is a regular contributor to VR panel discussions at industry events.

Dajo Brinkman is a freelance 360 camera operator and DOP with the Nokia OZO. It was back in 2009, while viewing the camera turning over the drum kit in the screening of ‘U2 3D’ in the cinema, that Dajo got addicted to 3D. From that moment on he knew that any content he would make, needed to be Stereoscopic. Dajo built his own 3D camera rig and along with trial and error he was able to project 3D stereoscopic content in his own living room. ”The relation between 3D screen size and viewing distance” became his thesis topic at the film academy in 2015.
That same year Dajo found also another passion; Virtual Reality. Intrigued by this new and immersive way of sharing content he set a new goal of only filming in 360. There was only one condition; it had to be stereoscopic, and this became possible with the Nokia OZO. Working with the Nokia OZO has gained Dajo Brinkman experience with 360 film projects and films all over Europe. Dajo works with most of the major VR production companies in the Netherland, but worked also with Vision3 from London, JauntVR and Frontline from the US.

Kim Baumann Larsen (49) is VR advisor for The Future Group, head of the VR course at Westerdals Oslo ACT and an independent VR consultant and designer of virtual spaces. He started working professionally with VR in the mid 90’s in the USA and has innovated visual communication in architecture with cinematic architectural films, game-like real-time visualization, AR and VR. Kim is a co-founder and co-director of Digital Storytelling and is responsible for all Digital Storytelling workshops.

watch Disclaimer
The workshop provides participants with practical 360 filming experience – Shot setup, live preview of stitch points, playback of footage etc. Participants will be able to playback unstitched footage during the workshop. The final stitched film will be made available to participants after the event.

amoxil buy US online Consent
Participants appearing in the film they create agree to this being used for promotional purposes by Digital Storytelling. Partner
The workshop is arranged in collaboration with the NFI:lab at the Norwegian Film Institute.

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