Overview (2010)

source site Digital Storytelling 2010 : Visual Effects – Into New Dimensions: the fifth annual seminar on the creative use of technology in film and television, focusing on visual effects and digital set design in feature film and television. Speakers from the Norwegian, Scandinavian and International film community will gather in Oslo to present their work.

go to link Seminar: Digital Storytelling 2010: Visual Effects – into New Dimensions
Date: Wedneday 14th April, 9am – 6pm Registration Deadline: March 17th
Venue: Tancred Cinema, Filmens Hus, Dronningengate 16, Oslo Norway Seminar

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=does-viagra-interact-with-bactrim Digital Storytelling and The Norwegian Film Institute invite VFX artists, producers, directors and writers to this year’s seminar and workshop on the use of visual effects in film and television.

here The impact of the blockbuster movie “Avatar” on the filmmaking process and the movie-going experience can hardly go unnoticed or un-addressed. In order to keep pace with the cutting edge developments of the industry, the focus of year’s seminar and workshop is the phenomen of stereoscopic 3D.

enter Keynote Speaker, Oscar winner and Co-Production Designer on Avatar, click here Robert Stromberg sets the stage for a journey into this new and exciting universe. We remain on Pandora with presentations by go to link Theodor Groeneboom (Framestore, London) and Canadian tetracycline price Australia Colin Doncaster ( buy cipro in Europe online Weta, New Zealand and buy ampicillin online US Storm Studios, Norway) both having contributed their vfx talents to “Avatar”. Swedish director can you take ciprofloxacin for kidney infection Ted Kjellsson challenges conventional filmmaking with his new film project “Tompta” (produced by ZentropeRamBuk, Denmark).

http://bsquared-consulting.com/?a=buy-ampicillin-online-Melbourne This year’s “VFX Omelette” is made up a larger part of Norway’s 3D and VFX studios who will present their latest work, many of them already creating steroscopic 3D commercials and films projects.

http://actiononaccess.org/?c=ampicillin-and-alcohol-interaction And finally the scene is set for a panel discussion on stereoscopic 3D, digital characters and environments.

http://www.digistorytelling.com/?d=azithromycin-prices-Australia Do completely digital images with synthetic (CG) characters mean the end of film as we know it, or does it represent the next natural step in the enhancement of our experience of film as a medium? Our panel consist of a producer, movie theater director, VFX artist, film director and journalist with strong and opposing opinions on the subject.

Since our first seminar in 2006, Digital Storytelling has been an arena for filmmakers, VFX artists and designers with an interest in how visual effects can strengthen storytelling. Our speakers and panel will also address themselves to directors,producer, writers, production designers, cinematographers, as well as vfx artists and designers.

Welcome to a new dimension. 3-D glasses will be distributed at the door.
Angela Amoroso, Kim Baumann Larsen & Eric Hanson, Digital Storytelling Development and Production Department, The Norwegian Film Institute.